Effective hygiene in a responsible way. Next generation hygiene.


At HYGENIQ, we prefer to see a world in which everyone can enjoy carefree contact again. Hygiene plays an essential role in allowing you to be in touch with everything and everyone. Driven by our passion for quality and our instinct for innovation in the world of hygiene, we strive for maximum convenience to create carefree contact. By using the power of nature, we raise hygiene to a higher level and cleanse the world in a sustainable manner.

  • Entirely plant based

  • Long-lasting, powerful protection

  • Luxury hand hygiene

  • Skin caring and hydrating

  • Contains antioxidants

HYGENIQ Care & Protect

Making hygiene easy for everyone. This starts with the understanding that in this new world hygiene plays a more important role more than ever. However, we do not yet know how to deal with this. What is clean and what is hygienic?

We need products that help and protect us in this new 'hygiene society'. Preferably products that are 100% clean for humans and animals. HYGENIQ helps with this with its new HYGENIQ PERSONAL range. HYGENIQ PERSONAL is a 100% natural technology, based entirely on the powerful antibodies extracted from plants and fruits. The innovative products allow us to make carefree contact possible again in an ever changing world. This makes HYGENIQ PERSONAL literally 'The future of hygiene'.

Interested in a hygiene plan?

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Care & Protect


All our taxis are equipped with a hand lotion and a mist. The driver can guarantee optimum hygiene with the mist after every passenger and by using our hand lotion all our customers can clean their hands when entering the taxi. After the shift, all taxis are fogged from the inside so that a new shift can start with a fully cleansed taxi. It saves us a lot of time and we can offer optimal hygiene and safety for our employees and customers.