Handsoap pure mint

The HYGENIQ PERSONAL Handsoap has a caring formula. It is Antibacterial and full of anti-oxidants which leads to efficient cleansing and enhancing of the skin. Available with natural pure mint scent or scent free.

  • Entirely plant based

  • Long-lasting, powerful protection

  • Luxury hand hygiene

  • Skin caring and hydrating

  • Contains antioxidants

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Care & Protect


In contrast to hygiene products based on alcohol:

  • Does not cause sensitivity or allergic reactions
  • All products are skin-caring
  • Provide long-term protection for the products and strengthen the immune system
  • Non flammable

Frequently asked questions

You will find the frequently asked questions here

Why should I choose HYGENIQ PERSONAL?
The most important reasons for using HYGENIQ PERSONAL, are the following: - Effective cleaning - Durable protection - Powerful antioxidants - Skincare - child friendly - Entirely plant based - Fully renewable - Fully biodegradable
For what applications can I use HYGENIQ PERSONAL products?
HYGENIQ PERSONAL's range is designed to create a safe and hygienic environment. The products have numerious advantageous properties. Whereby optimal hygiene with an extra skincaring effect is a priority. The composition of antioxidants such as vitamin C enhances an extra skin caring effect and is also effective amongst others, for the following: Smoothing effect and Strengthening effect
What are the active substances in HYGENIQ PERSONAL products?
The HYGENIQ Personal products are based upon a 100% plant-based technology, using the powerful and effective antibodies naturally present in plants and their fruits. Through an innovative process, these active components are extracted from, peels, seeds and other parts of plants, in this case mainly Citrus plants. These active properties are the core of the plant extracts that are the basis of the HYGENIQ Personal range.
Can I order HYGENIQ PERSONAL in bulk?
HYGENIQ PERSONAL products can be ordered in large quantities. Please contact us for details.

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