A hygiene station that is operated by foot helps to make hand cleansing even more hygienic. By using the HYGENIQ CHiQ the spread of germs and cross-contamination is reduced to a minimum. The HYGENIQ ChiQ cleans the hands effectively and quickly, is easy to maintain, touch-free, robust frame, fashionable design and has room for a 200 ml hygiene mist.


  • Entirely plant based

  • Long-lasting, powerful protection

  • Luxury hand hygiene

  • Skin caring and hydrating

  • Contains antioxidants

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Care & Protect

Perfect for schools

The chemical detergents and Hand Gels with 70% alcohol did not make us as a primary school very happy. A child's skin is very sensitive and they rub their eyes or quickly put their fingers in their mouths. That's why HYGENIQ PERSONAL is the solution for primary schools or nurseries. The HYGENIQ PERSONAL Hand lotion offers a easy and effective way to clean your hands in every classroom. Because HYGENIQ's other cleaning products are also safe, the children can help clean the door handles and tables. This also makes them more aware of the importance of hygiene.

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